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Updated September 2009


Since the last update, Iain has got a new Pup named "Roy" who will hopefully learn to help "Spot" with the gathering as "Tweed", who is still keen, has unfortunately developed a heart problem. There is a photo of "Roy" in the 'Meet the Dogs' page.

Though the weather in May 2009 was very wet and cold at times the lambs born survived and thrived.

May 09, The Lowground sheep and lambs

June was a much warmer sunnier month and this continued for most of July which meant that marking and both the yeld and milk clipping progressed on time. Thanks again to friends and family for assisting with this work.

July 09, The Clipping in progress

The helicopter sprayed bracken on Turnalt hill on 29th July. Some of the baling was also possible at end of July and early August but the rain returned with a vengeance and so several fields remain to be done.

July 09, The Baling in progress

A total of 386 lambs went to Oban Market on Tuesday the first September. Prices were a big improvement on last year, with the top lambs making 38.50 per head.

September 09, The lambs being sold at Oban Market

See the photo section for more pictures from 2009.

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