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Updated December 2008


Apologies again for the delay in updating the site.

Since the last update Keri Grace was born to Neil and Gillian in March 2007. We have added more pictures to the family page.

Farm work went as normal for 2007 and 2008 with this year having a fair bit of rain which delayed the hay being cut and baled.

Jess produced her second litter of pups. They were much in demand and are all now settled in new homes.

2008, The second litter of pups from Jess

The photo below shows the clipping in progress in July 2008.

July 08, The Clipping in progress

The photo below shows the Bull and some Cows enjoying the Sun in October 2008.

October 08, The Bull and some Cows in the Lowground

See the photo section for more pictures from 2008.

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