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Updated October 2005


Although there have been several floods in the river over the summer the “bridge” has remained in place. It remains to be seen whether it will last the winter.

Since the last update there have been two additions to the family tree. On 11th June, Lyn and James had a daughter, Niamh Catherine and Gillian and Neil followed with the birth of their daughter, Isla Anne on 12th June. Photos will be soon be added to the 'Meet the People' page.

Along similar lines, the next event of note was the birth of Six pups by Iain’s terrier Jess on 29th June. Jess proved to be an excellent mother with her first litter. The adorable pups were much in demand and are all now settled in new homes.

July 05, Jess with her pups

The marking, clipping, cropping etc. went ahead as usual over a summer of very mixed weather. The Helicopter arrived in late July to spray some more bracken.

July 05, The Helicopter with Lagandarroch Hill in the background

September lamb sales however, have been disappointing, as prices are back on last year. The current job is getting cast ewes ready for selling at the end of the month.

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