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Updated January 2005


As anyone who has been checking out the site will know, we have not been updating the "Whatís happening Now" page for some time.

Having been round the cycle of work, according to season, over two years it began to get a bit repetitive. We have now decided to change to "Farm News" and update the site with anything of interest as it happens and add new photographs regularly. The recent additions on this page and in the Photo Gallery page were taken with Anneís new Kodak digital camera.

2004 will be remembered as a particularly wet year in this area. In August, floods in the river moved the two tree trunks, which served as a temporary bridge, further downstream.

August 04, The tree trunks being resited

August 04, The tree trunks in the new position

The tree trunks were re-sited as above and so far have remained in place though crossing the river is tricky to say the least!

Other news is that Jock, Iainís patterdale terrier succumbed to old age and died peacefully. Jess now rules the roost.

Christmas Day 04, Iain on the hill with Jess

After the snow on Christmas Day it was back to the rain for most of January, but this last week has been good so the river has gone down again and allowed the sheep to be gathered into the fank for dozing.

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