Turnalt Farm Walking Sticks

This is a page, which is under development about walking sticks. At Turnalt Farm we make this kind of stick which is used mainly by shepherds on hill sheep farms. The stick has a Hazel wood shaft and a handle that is made from a tup's horn.

The horn handle can be plain or decorated with a carved thistle or drawings of sheep, lambs or dogs.

We are currently working on additions to this page which will show the process of making a stick from start to finish.

Sticks can be made to order, for more details e-mail us using the link at the bottom of this page.

August 05, a selection of available sticks

The horn with a Stag engraved The horn with a sheepdog engraved

A selection of sticks

The horn with sheepdog and lambs The horn with Tup's head

August 05, Thistle sticks

The horn with name engraved The horn with carved Thistle

The horn with sheepdog

Below are pictures of walking sticks that have recently been made using deer horn for the handle.

August 05, a selection of deer horn handle sticks

Thumb stick with deer horn handle Thumb stick with deer horn handle and name engraved

Walking stick with deer horn handle Thumb stick with deer horn handle

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