Turnalt Farm History

Turnalt Farm is situated in Glen Domhain (Deep Glen) which has Barbreck river running through it.

The Battle

To the south of the farm buildings and on the south side of Barbreck river lies the lowground area of Sluggan. Here there is a knoll which marks the site of the battle of Sluggan which took place in AD968 when a large force of Viking raiders under their leader Olaf Tryggvenson were defeated by the Scots. A standing stone near to the knoll marks the fall of Utric who was Olaf's commander in chief during this bloody battle. Olaf is said to lie beneath Dun Aula, a knoll behind Barbreck house which is situated further down the Glen.
The Standing Stone

The Deer Stone

About 3 miles north of the farm buildings and deep in the Glen lies the mysterious and elusive Deer Stone. The Deer Stone is a low lying stone on which there is a carving of a Deer. The Deer Stone is hard to find and its exact location is known only to a few. Some believe the Deer Stone to be an ancient representation of the presiding spirit of the Glen, others that it celebrates a great stag hunt of more recent times, but its true significance remains an enigma.

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The Deer Stone

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